Welcome to Kentish Frames

Kentish Frames offers a wide range of framing services from your favourite holiday snap to your treasured Rembrandt. No job is too small or too weird (a sock worn during the Tour de France is probably the weirdest!). Kentish Frames uses a combination of the finest framing materials, skilled craftmanship  and latest technology to offer a superior level of service to both the individual customer  and the Trade.

Personalised attention will be given when you visit to help you choose your moulding, mount card and glass to best showcase your art or sock! Free local delivery is available for larger pieces.


A wide range of mouldings are available for you to chose from. From plain woods, such as oak and ash, to the more flamboyant and ornate profile, there is a moulding for every occasion. Those with a modern look in mind may prefer the sleek lines of the alluminium range. Samples are available for you to help you make your choice.

Mount Card

Kentish Frames offers a comprehensive range of conservation (acid free to prevent damage to your art work) mount card in a wide variety of shades, thicknesses and texture. A computerised mount cutter is used to cut all mounts. This utilises the latest technology to produce a superior level of quality to the cut and means that all shapes or layouts are possible. Mounts can be cut up to 40" (104cm) x 60" (154cm)


Kentish Frames offers a range of glass, from traditional 2mm plain glass up to museum standard glass. Samples of these glasses can be seen on your work to help you make your choice. The range also includes an UV range to protect your artwork from the harmful fading effects of the sun. A simple re-glazing service is available for damaged glazing on previously framed work.